At Tribe, discharge and aftercare planning doesn’t wait until the last minute – we start developing a plan soon after you arrive.

The most important day of the treatment experience is the day you leave…Discharge day can be exhilarating, joyous, and terrifying. A solid aftercare plan must be in place to have the best chance of long-term recovery.  Clients and families have many questions upon discharge:

What will I do when I leave the safety of the rehab? How will I avoid triggers – people, places, and things that might lead back to drugs or alcohol? How do I develop a support network at home? What do I do if the impulse to use drugs becomes overwhelming? These questions are all addressed as part of the aftercare planning. The plan should include specific strategies and even people to contact upon the return home.  We will help you with this process.

And our relationship with you doesn’t end when you discharge or your insurance runs out….we keep in close contact with you via a Alumni Supportive Services including regular phone calls, emails, a FaceBook page and Twitter, and frequently scheduled Alumni events and sober fun!