It takes a community.

Our drug and alcohol addiction outpatient program and recovery center is a community of like-minded individuals where you will feel safe, understood and experience a sense of belonging.

Everyone needs to find their Tribe - to be surrounded by a supportive circle of people who care.  Look no further as we have one of the highest quality sober living Facilities in addition to our outstanding outpatient treatment program for substance use.

At different times in life, transitions present unique challenges, therefore we designed unique age-specific programming. Our outpatient program offers an innovative menu of individual psychotherapy, recovery coaching, group sessions, cutting edge neuroscience, and family therapy designed to meet each clients individual needs.  

For those clients who desire a safe, drug-free environment to stay while they participate in the outpatient and coaching program, we have high quality sober living facilitiesTransitional living is conveniently located near our outpatient clinic in beautiful Camarillo, California (Ventura County).

We recognize addiction as a chronic re-occurring condition and recovery as an ongoing individual programming process. Each person’s recovery path is unique. We meet every person at their individual level of acceptance, commitment and stage of change.

addiction recovery for you