We believe a paradigm shift must happen in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, so we work collaboratively with other programs, professionals, and the surrounding community to shatter the stigma and erase the shame of drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental illness. We accomplish this through community outreach, education, and visibility.

We recognize addiction treatment and recovery as an ongoing process that starts before sustained abstinence is achieved. And while the addiction and treatment recovery process typically involves common benchmarks, each individual’s path is unique.

We believe in second chances and resilience, so we practice patience.  We understand that drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic re-occurring condition which can be prevented and treated but not cured.  Therefore, we do not expect perfection.What we do expect is rigorous honesty.

We believe in drug, alcohol and substance abstinence and we monitor abstinence through random urinalysis, breathalyzers, toxicology screenings, and drug searches. But we also believe in harm reduction and we will meet every person at their individual level of acceptance, commitment and stage of change.

We believe that “one size does not fit all” and many choices for drug and alcohol treatment and recovery exist.  Here everyone works a “treatment program” and we help find the support group and recovery program that is the best fit for each individual.  Although we strongly suggest involvement in a 12 step program, we also offer an introduction and exposure to alternative recovery paths:  SMART Recovery; Celebrate Recovery; Refuge Recovery; LifeRing; Rational Recovery, etc.

We believe no one can do this alone and everyone needs a strong circle of support.  So we insist on family engagement, and encourage friends and families to become involved by visiting, volunteering, and attending our special events.

We believe all work and no play is boring, and boredom is a precursor to a relapse. So we plan sober activities and fun adventures.  We work hard and we play hard…together!

We believe in listening to our “customers” so we established a Client Governing Council, Community Relations Committee, and Family Advisory Board.  Suggestions are heard and the program is improved because we value your feedback.