Tribe alumnus Andrew is joined by his mother Trudy to share their story of mutual healing. From feeling helplessly and hopelessly alone to finding connection and community, finding their Tribe. Every week Trudy and Andrew join other members of their extended “family” at pot luck dinners, allowing them to stay connected, feel supported, and give back to the newer members of Tribe.


Stacy, Tribe alumnus, discusses her gratitude for the treatment experience, the individualized attention she received and how her path to recovery has been so impactful to her life. Stacy’s journey is inspirational.


Heidi, former Tribe client, shares her story of family destruction, drug addiction and isolation.

Other Testimonials

During the most painful and dangerous time in our son’s journey, Tribe offered what I’ve not encountered at any other facility or treatment program of its kind: the unbridled presence of genuine Love that guides their professional process, supporting each individual client. As a therapist myself for over 30 yrs., I found this healing bridge opened doors to our son building a stronger connection with his authentic self, and supported a level of steady maturation and treatment progress that are indeed rare in this challenging arena where dual diagnosis and recovery work are combined.

Gavin Frye


Marcy helped to get our daughter admitted into Tribe and she was wonderful. Nancy is an absolute angel. Though I know this is going to be a bumpy road, I have only good feelings about this place.


For me, Tribe has been a shelter in the storm of addiction. I’ve been in and out of treatment and sober livings for over ten years, and this is the first place I have felt safe. As part of Tribe Outpatient Programs that include individual and group therapy, I have experienced a sense of healing and deep inner growth that has helped me to have a greater love of myself and of others. I am truly grateful for all of the unconditional support that I have received at Tribe, and that I continue to receive.


Tribe provides a secure, nurturing home with boundaries that set the guidelines for healthy living. Tribe seems to customize recovery in a way that I have not seein at other places. As a mother, I have a sense of peace knowing this is the place for my son to thrive. The leadership and professional, yet nurturing atmosphere Nancy Swanson offers is the primary reason my family loves Tribe.

Mother of an Addict

Finding Nancy and Tribe was the miracle I’d prayed for, for 10 years. She’s saved my daughter’s life and continues to save the lives of others every day at Tribe. Bless you Nancy!

Mother of an Addict

For the first time my daughter felt fully accepted and comfortable while in treatment, and a part of a celebration of recovery in the most beautiful atmosphere at Tribe’s transitional living house. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I highly recommend you start with the best!


Without Tribe, I am not sure my son would be as committed to his recovery as he is today. After numerous rehabs, transitional living programs, and unsuccessful solo attempts at sobriety, he was never able to live the life he deserved. Something has clicked at Tribe, and he has begun to achieve his dreams. He is back in school, working, making his way, establishing better relationships. As his mother, I am so proud of him and the life he is leading.


If you are looking for a sober living type home for yourself or a loved one, we recommend looking into “Tribe,” located in Camarillo, California. This is a very beautiful and serene home, which is run by caring professionals who do their very best to facilitate a healing environment for their clients.

The house manager and family counselor had a tremendous influence in helping our son along the road to recovery. We would encourage anyone looking for this type of housing to consider “Tribe,” a safe, beautiful, and healing place to live as one journeys through their recovery in sobriety.

George & Debbie

Parents Of A Recovering Son

An unexpected gift of individualized passionate care from staff and deep bonds of friendship with clients that feels like my second family.

Austin T.

I had toured other sober livings before deciding on Tribe. I was expecting the “same old, same old,” but instead I was impressed. The house was comfortable and spacious, and beautiful. Each bedroom had its own attached bathroom, so I didn’t have to share with seven other housemates. This was very different from the places I had seen in the past where people are stacked in like sardines. There is a great camaraderie in the house – a “famiiy-like” atmosphere where I felt supported and nurtured. I stayed for four months and didn’t want to ever leave!



Tribe is a nationally accredited Intensive Outpatient Program for mental health and substance abuse disorders in sunny Southern California. Our evidence-based therapies include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, CBT, along with a host of others. We support the use of SAMHSA-recommended Medication-Assisted Treatment.

We also offer cutting edge treatments such as EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), trauma, depression, and grief, and our neuroscience and holistic techniques chip away at long standing depression, anxiety and trauma, such as BrainPaint, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Baths, and Mindfulness training. Our clients are exposed to a variety of recovery groups such as the 12-step model, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate, and Smart Recovery.

Call us today for more information on Tribe’s programs, or to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation with a clinician via phone, in person, or via Facetime/Skype. If you prefer we contact you, please complete the form below. Our Admissions team is available to answer your questions and provide information about our programs 24 hours a day.