The Tribe VibeWhat we believe: The path isn’t always straight.

We recognize addiction treatment and recovery as an ongoing process that starts before sustained abstinence is achieved. And while the addiction and treatment recovery process typically involves common benchmarks, each individual path is unique. We believe in second chances and resilience, so we practice patience.

Therefore, we do not expect perfection. What we do expect is rigorous honesty. And in return what we give you is support, encouragement and understanding. We are all in this together and our goal is simple, for you and your family to live a healthy, joyful, and meaningful life.

At TRIBE we believe in abstinence and we monitor abstinence through random urinalysis, breathalyzers, and toxicology screenings. But if a client struggles with abstinence, we believe in harm reduction and find ways to reduce the risk of dangerous behavior associated with continued substance use.

At TRIBE we believe that the powerful urges and cravings to use drugs, and untreated co-existing mental health disorders usually lead to relapse, so we embrace medication-assisted treatment.

At TRIBE we believe that “one size does not fit all” and many choices for recovery exist. Although we strongly suggest involvement in a 12 step program we also offer exposure to alternative recovery paths: SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, Refuge Recovery, LifeRing, etc.
At TRIBE we believe that recovery is a VERB and continued sobriety requires action!

Clients must be working towards their individual goals.

At TRIBE we believe in second chances and we practice patience.

We understand that addiction is a chronic re-occurring condition which can be treated but not cured. Therefore we do not expect perfection.

At TRIBE we believe no one can do this alone and everyone needs a circle of support. So we encourage friends and families to be involved in all aspects of the treatment process by visiting, volunteering, and attending special events.

What we do expect is rigorous honesty.

At TRIBE we believe all work and no play is boring, and boredom is a precursor to relapse: so we plan sober adventures and fun activities.

We work hard and we play even harder…together!

At TRIBE we believe in listening to our “customers” so we established a Client Governing Council, Community Relations Committee, and Family Advisory Board. We get better with feedback!


Tribe is a nationally accredited Intensive Outpatient Program for mental health and substance abuse disorders in sunny Southern California. Our evidence-based therapies include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, CBT, along with a host of others. We support the use of SAMHSA-recommended Medication-Assisted Treatment.

We also offer cutting edge treatments such as EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), trauma, depression, and grief, and our neuroscience and holistic techniques chip away at long standing depression, anxiety and trauma, such as BrainPaint, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Baths, and Mindfulness training. Our clients are exposed to a variety of recovery groups such as the 12-step model, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate, and Smart Recovery.

Call us today for more information on Tribe’s programs, or to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation with a clinician via phone, in person, or via Facetime/Skype. If you prefer we contact you, please complete the form below. Our Admissions team is available to answer your questions and provide information about our programs 24 hours a day.