Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient treatment is designed for people who area ready to live a more independent life after participating in a residential treatment program, or sometimes as a replacement. There are three levels of treatment in Tribe’s Outpatient Program (IOP) model, from a full day to a half day or evenings, and finally to an a la carte programming-style with single sessions or groups.

Day Treatment

Tribe’s highest level of outpatient treatment, Day Treatment, typically meets five to seven days a week for up to seven hours a day. Live at home or stay in one of our structured, gender-specific homes nearby. Homes are staffed with trained Recovery Specialists so clients have access to recovery coaching and support even outside the treatment environment. Research shows the longer you give yourself time in treatment in a supported environment, the longer and better your sobriety. Therefore Tribe does not have predetermined treatment lengths, but rather supports the organic process of recovery of each individual.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program meets five to six days a week for three to four hours per day.  As with Day Treatment, when clinical milestones are met, clients move towards a less restrictive schedule of single sessions or groups each week.  This model supports re-entry into the challenges of every day life with the critical support required in early recovery.

Evening Intensive Outpatient Program

For those who can not leave the rigors of daily life but need a supported recovery in parallel, Tribe’s Evening Intensive Outpatient Program is ideal.  Evening IOP meets three times a week for three hours, with access to all of the same Continuing Care benefits as other Alumni.

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Tribe is a nationally accredited Intensive Outpatient Program for mental health and substance abuse disorders in sunny Southern California. Our evidence-based therapies include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, CBT, along with a host of others. We support the use of SAMHSA-recommended Medication-Assisted Treatment.

We also offer cutting edge treatments such as EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), trauma, depression, and grief, and our neuroscience and holistic techniques chip away at long standing depression, anxiety and trauma, such as BrainPaint, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Baths, and Mindfulness training. Our clients are exposed to a variety of recovery groups such as the 12-step model, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate, and Smart Recovery.

Call us today for more information on Tribe’s programs, or to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation with a clinician via phone, in person, or via Facetime/Skype. If you prefer we contact you, please complete the form below. Our Admissions team is available to answer your questions and provide information about our programs 24 hours a day.